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The cycling tour of Strasbourg itself should be experienced by both leisure and enthusiastic cyclists. Do's and don'ts of the attractions to see in the 25 best places in France to make a great day trip to the French capital. The things you can do in Strasbourg: Do - a - something - in - Strasbourg - France: Must - see Att attractions in Paris, Paris and Paris.

The 70-minute boat tour is one of the best activities in Strasbourg, as you can see this beautiful place from a different perspective and learn about the city. Moreover, you will save even more and get away even less if you skip a little more of the sights than we suggest here, because the best places, such as Strasbourg, are so close together and easy to see. If you follow our one-day Strasbourg route, we will divide the Strasbourg Pass into three days, but for some reason we recommend you buy one. It is good for up to three days and you save a few euros, and what's more, if we knock it out for a day, even if it's only for one day.

We are not afraid to find in our daily guide the best ways to explore the old town in just a few hours. With everything you need to know about travelling from Frankfurt to Strasbourg, we are here for you.

France's 7-day tour is great for first-time visitors to Paris and one of the most beautiful regions. But the whole of Alsace is so beautiful that we recommend spending at least two or three days in Strasbourg and exploring the city. If you have 5 days less in France, you can consider staying in Paris or part of it while exploring the Christmas market and the Old Town of Strasbourg. We would recommend to spend at least 2 days in Stras Luxembourg, but if you have more time, take a look at the rest of Alsace.

The journey takes about 2 hours, so you could even manage a day visit to Strasbourg while you're in the area. If you decide to spend more time in the area, we also recommend day trips from Strasbourg to Colmar to have a great experience.

If you want to spend more time in the region, you want to visit a little more of Strasbourg and its surroundings. If you prefer a wine-oriented tour of Alsace, then day trips are something for you, but of course we are all wine lovers. The Alsatian Wine Route has many great wines and you can check out our list of the best wine tours in France and the French wine regions.

If you are ready to explore the city, take the Strasbourg Pass and head straight into the city centre with its many shops, restaurants, cafés and shops. A good way to see Strasbourg during the day is to walk, as you can travel far than walk alone. So make a list of the most interesting places to visit during your week-long trip to Strasbourg and get there.

If you decide that a day in Strasbourg is not enough, we also have some excellent accommodation recommendations for you in Strasbourg. In this guide we also suggest some good accommodation options, which are available for 1-2-3 days depending on your budget. If you are looking for 5-star accommodation, Sofitel Stras Luxembourg Grande Ile is located in the city centre, and there are many other hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels and restaurants.

The Grand Ile is also home to most of Strasbourg's attractions, including the Cathedral and Petite France.

Unlike the historic centre of Strasbourg, the European Parliament is housed in a strikingly modern building. In addition to the headquarters of several European institutions, Strasbourg is also home to a number of international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, and is the headquarters of the EU's Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and a large number of other international organisations.

We had a fantastic time in Strasbourg and there is much to love about the city and its surroundings. We will be back for a few more days just to relax a little on holiday, but if you spend one of your days in Strasbourg, you will have a great time in the capital.

Among the many activities in Strasbourg, France, there are beautiful buildings to admire and charming cafés to visit frequently, as well as a number of restaurants and shops.

When you visit Strasbourg, there is one part that leaves visitors in awe, and that is Notre Dame Cathedral. You might think that the Petite France (Notre Dame) is your main attraction in Strasbourg, but it is not. There are a number of other sights to see when visiting Strasbourg France. One of the first places to start exploring is the cathedral, or more precisely, the church of Saint-Etienne-de-la-Nuits.

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More About Strasbourg