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A very well renovated building from the 16th century, and the surroundings are very pleasant, so you can spend a relaxing night without breaking the bank. It is located in the heart of Paris, in one of the most popular tourist areas in Europe, the Stade de France. The area around the European Parliament building is located in an area with many shops, restaurants, bars, cafés and cafés, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

If you want to discover the charm of Strasbourg, this hotel is 10 km from the Old Town. It is petite but with excellent views of the Stade de France and the city centre, and great views from the hotel lobby.

You will never be more than ten minutes from the centre of Strasbourg by tram and you will experience a quieter crowd. Stay at the Gare Centrale, but if you are coming to Strasbourg for a short visit or a night, this hostel is a bit more remote than Ciarus.

Strasbourg Wilson also enjoys the fact that most of the best accommodation in Strasbourg is close to the main attractions. The city is compact and the district of La Petite France borders the city centre, the Gare Centrale and some other major tourist attractions such as the Stade de France.

If you are someone who is really not interested in staying in a hotel for long periods of time, you should know that there are a few independent boutique hotels in Strasbourg that can do the job for you. Finding a cheap hotel or affordable accommodation here is no Herculean task.

Most of the cheap hotels in Strasbourg France offer only the bare minimum in a clean and safe location. France is unique in the attention to detail offered in customer service and interior decoration. Some of these very special hotels in Strasbourg are a good choice for those who are looking for a holiday apartment in and around Strasbourg.

The ibis Styles in the centre of Strasbourg is full of rooms with bright colours and artistic accents. This funky spot in Strasbourg is a place where graffiti artists decorate the rooms, from Escher - like homages to Stanley Kubrick - to murals and even a few works of art from the late 1980s and 1990s.

This two-year-old hotel is one of the most popular in Strasbourg and also the only one in the city. The hotel is located on a hillside just outside the city center, just a few blocks from the cathedral and is unbeatably convenient.

Of course, Strasbourg is quite famous for being the official seat of the European Parliament. The capital of the region is so important to the history of France and the region as a whole that it has been the site of a number of important events in the millennium that has been celebrated since the foundation of the region in 1015, such as the founding and refoundation of Strasbourg in 1848 and even the opening of the first railway station. Of course, modern Strasbourg is probably best known for the role it plays in sharing a seat with the city of Lyon, home to France's second largest city. This ancient wine route in France was founded in 1953 and is one of the most popular wine routes in Europe. It covers more than 1,000 wine lovers who welcome visitors to their cellars for free wine tastings.

Alsace, Strasbourg in particular, borrows a good deal from its nearest neighbour, the Germans, but still feels very French. It is also a great place to explore wine - the region's wine-growing areas such as the Rhone Valley and the Chardonnay Valley. Although it was once part of Germany, it is now a member of France with a population of more than 1.5 million.

Although there are a number of accommodation options in Strasbourg, especially for tourists visiting in groups, this means that prices are much lower than you would expect for a luxury hotel. If you're looking for the best hotels in town or just great accommodation, we've listed some of our favorite hotels for you. This two-star Sud hotel is one of the most popular in France and its main reason for discovering Alsace is its excellent food and drink.

This guide will guide you through the best hotels in the historic centre of Strasbourg, including accommodation and parking at the train station. Then visit the Hotel Maison Rouge, one of the most popular hotels in the city and a great place to stay.

If you are on business, you should know that the hotel also has rooms for business meetings and brainstorming. If you are not coming to Strasbourg for fun, it is also a place to visit if you are on business. So what are some of the hotels in Strasbourg and all you want?

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