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In one of the most beautiful cities in the world, this guide shows you the best things to do, where to stay and what to eat. We share the things we've done, including our weekend getaway, with an emphasis on food, wine, culture, art, history and of course food.

Strasbourg also has its own international airport and is very well connected to the city by train, but here, too, accommodation would have to be booked well in advance. Strasbourg has a well-known Christmas market, so if you're interested, then you should. Getting there: It is relatively small and ticket prices are usually quite high. There is an airport, a train station and a number of restaurants and shops as well as some hotels.

For this reason, we recommend you to buy one and you save a few euros, but if you do a little more sightseeing than we suggest here, you can save even more. If you want to visit a number of sights and museums in Strasbourg, you could buy a Strasbourg City Pass, which offers you many free or discounted offers for three days. The Strasbourg Pass is suitable for three days and can be divided into the following route - one day Strasbourg: one day in the city, two days in the hotel and then another day in the museum.

If you are planning a trip to Strasbourg or Alsace, send us a message and we will do our best to help you. If you wish to move or settle in Strasbourg or any other city in the region, please click here. Please tell us your experience when you move, settle or move to Strasbourg, Alsace or France.

We'll give you a detailed overview of your visit to Strasbourg, including the best ways to visit the city, and we'll also tell you about our favorite Alsatian and French restaurants in Strasbourg if you ask us for tips. Let me be clear straight away: we do not claim to list all the good restaurants in Strasbourg. If you are friends here, please decide for yourself what you are already doing and write to us in the comments below or on our Facebook page or on our Twitter account.

All the dishes mentioned here and many more can be found in the Alsatian and French restaurants in Strasbourg and elsewhere in the city. There are also many other incredible things to do in and around Strasbourg, including museums, art galleries, restaurants, hotels, museums and much more. Some of them are the National Museum of Alsace - Lautrec, the Musee d'Orsay and the Museum de l'Archeologie des Arts et de France.

Alsace is one of my favourites in France and the historic links between France and Germany offer a unique blend of cuisine and culture that is not found anywhere else. Franco-German culture is also reflected in the cuisine of the city, where you can find a wide variety of dishes from Alsatian and French cuisine. Strasbourg is also a great place to discover wine - the region's wine-growing regions such as the Rhone Valley, the Chardonnay Valley and even the Burgundy region.

There are many large butchers in Alsace and Porcus sells meat and side dishes to take away. In general, Strasbourg and Alsace are excellent restaurants where you can enjoy traditional dishes and wash them down with the fine wines of the region. They also have some really good restaurants that I highly recommend, such as the Alsatian Café and the Chardonnay and Burgundy Restaurant.

If you want to learn more about the unique gastronomy of Strasbourg, you can also book a place for a Strasbourg culinary tour. Tasting all these foods is an experience in itself, but if you have the chance to taste them all while you're there, it's definitely a must - eat in Strasbourg. In Alsace, there is one of the best thin crusted pizza in the world, and I love this variation because I love thin crusted pizza and therefore ate it while I was there.

The most famous dish in Alsace is the tarte flambées, a must-have, baked with creme fraiche, which I was there during our stay. Do not make the mistake of calling it a pizza, especially in front of the people of Strasbourg. I can only imagine how this dish tastes with a lardon on top and recommend it to all visitors.

I found this sweet brioche cake, often prepared with dried fruits and nuts and baked in a special round fluted pan. I enjoyed the pain - epic pain d'oeuvre, even though it's a traditional cake eaten at Christmas time.

I will definitely be back and, even better, I can say that I had a fantastic visit, even though I did not plan or make any reservations at all in Strasbourg. Known for its beautiful half-timbered houses, beautiful architecture and good food, Strasbourg is my new favourite destination. I # Take a look at some of the most famous and delicious dishes in the city to try when you visit Strasbourg. This food guide has been created for you and contains tips on where to find the best food in all Strasbourg restaurants and cafés.

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