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We have compiled a list of activities you can do in Strasbourg, France when visiting this magical city and put together some things you will do with it. In this guide, we also suggest the best places to stay depending on your budget, as well as the 25 best places to visit. Things to do at Christmas: sights to see in the city on Christmas Eve and on Boxing Day and Boxing Day. Visit Strasbourg in 1, 2 or 3 days and do some things in and around Strasbourg France.

To complete your trip and learn more about the history of Strasbourg, you can take a tour of the Museum of History, the Natural History Museum and the National Museum. After finishing your tour of the best museums in Strasbourg, we recommend you visit the Zoological Museum (Musees zoologiques). You can also contact local tourist officials to help you organize your stay.

Do not forget to stand in front of the National Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Zoological Museum (Musees zoologiques) and take pictures.

The aim of the European Heritage Days is to open up free of charge numerous sites and monuments, many of which are normally closed to the public and many of which are of great historical and cultural importance to Strasbourg and the rest of France. This event, known all over the world, takes place every year in the square and occupies public and private buildings and museums throughout the year. A very well-received nationwide initiative in Strasbourg is the "European Heritage Day," which complements the traditional programme and will be discussed in more detail in a moment.

The Christmas market in Strasbourg seems to have a special place in the hearts and minds of many people from all over the world. Every city in France has its own special Christmas markets, but the most famous in Europe, the Christmas market, has something special. The lighting alone under the darkened sky is the star of a Christmas show in Strasbourg.

It seems that in very good weather you can see the arrowhead of Strasbourg Cathedral, but we could not check that. One of the experiences not to be missed when visiting Strasbourg Cathedral is the climb up the platform and the descent.

If you have children on the fourth day in Strasbourg, a visit to the Europa Park is an excellent idea that will delight the whole family. This event brings together some of the best sights of the city, such as the Stade de France, the Grand Hotel and the Palace of St. Germain - sur - Loire. Strasbourg is a beautiful city with many attractions and a wide variety of activities, making it perfect for a day trip.

This is a place where you can admire the main monuments and landmarks that make Strasbourg famous. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, considered one of the best of its kind in modern France, is an excellent place to focus on contemporary art such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. The collection of Alsatian artists is equally important, and almost unique in France (or anywhere in Germany) there is a large collection of contemporary German painters.

If you are looking for a glimpse of Alsatian life in the past, Strasbourg also has a museum dedicated to the depictions of rural Alsace. At the end of the day, visit one of Strasbourg's most important historical sites, St Peter's Basilica. There is the world - the famous Strasbourg Cathedral, a monument to Saints Peter and Paul. Inside the cathedral you can visit a number of important monuments, such as the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

As we have already told you, Strasbourg is also a great walk, with many areas reserved for pedestrians, such as the city centre, the cathedral and the old town.

If you spend more time in the region, you will want to visit Strasbourg and its surroundings a little more. If you choose one of the many tours along the Alsatian Wine Route, you can also visit Strasbourg by boat. Of course, this is something for wine lovers, and it takes you on a 170 kilometer route to discover the local white wines. The Al sace Wine Route is a great introduction to the world of wine and an excellent opportunity for good food and drink.

These events combine a well-deserved rest with an opportunity to sail the Garonne Canal and discover the delights of this very beautiful part of France. This event combines two of Strasbourg's most popular events, the Alsatian Wine Route and the Tour de France, and combines both.

This is not typical Alsatian, but the museum offers children some of the best moments of relaxation and discovery.

Next to Petite France you can see the covered bridge, which keeps its name but has no roof. In addition, Europe Day (l'Europe in French) is held in Strasbourg every year in May, and there are many free concerts with all kinds of music, many of which also celebrate World Music Day internationally. During the day, visitors can enjoy a variety of concerts, from classical to jazz, classical, jazz - rock, pop, hip-hop and jazz. These events are accompanied by a number of other events, such as the International Festival of Music and Music in the City of Culture, which accompanies Strasbourg on its way to Strasbourg.

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